Our History

With the issuance on November 9, 1973 of Decree 2269 of the “Plan Maestro” for the institutionalization of the modality of Transportation Terminals in the country, and also with the first National Plan of Terminals, drawn up in December 1973, which agreed The necessary regulation for the implementation of adequate facilities as centers of movement and concentration for the transport routes, the Municipal Council of Medellin authorized the constitution of a corporation that is in charge of the organization and administration of a transport terminal in the city.

Effectively, under such parameters was established on July 13, 1977 the Company Terminales de Transporte de Medellín S.A.

The construction of the first bus and taxi terminal “Mariano Ospina Pérez” was on February 16, 1984, located in the north of the city of Medellín.

As the north terminal was about to reach its maximum capacity level, thanks to the growing demand for passengers, on April 16, 1993 the southern terminal “Alberto Díaz Muñoz” was built.

Terminales de Transporte de Medellín SA, is a mixed economy company with a municipal character, constituted and registered in accordance with legal regulations, with a public-sector share of more than 90%, thus assimilating to an industrial and commercial company of the State and of the regime of corporations, with administrative, financial and proprietary autonomy and conformed mainly with contributions of public entities, in which its main shareholder is the Municipality of Medellín.