Mission and vission


Terminales Medellin focused on customer satisfaction, provides mobility solutions and acts as a connecting node for regions, with social responsibility, effective technological applications and a human talent of high performance, achieving profitability indicators according to the market.


Provide optimal mobility solutions


  1. Provide more comfortable and safe terminals for the passenger and better service to the transporter.
  2. Facilitate passenger access to formal transport.
  3. Positioning Terminales Medellin as central in the city and the region.
  4. Guide Terminales Medellin towards a high-performance company.
  5. Generate profitable businesses associated with mobility.

Principles and values

  1. Equality:
    We’re responsible for maintaining balance between the just and the individual rights.
  2. Legality:
    We act and proceed in accordance with current regulations governing in our organization.
  3. Openness:
    We’re open to provide accurate information and truthful management of the organization.
  4. Committed to human talent:
    We promote the welfare, human and professional development of our employees.
  5. High performance:
    We optimize the use of our resources, innovate and constantly improve our processes.
  6. Social responsibility:
    We’re committed to sustainable development (economic, social and environmental) of the entity and the different stakeholders with whom we’re related.