New narrative Terminales Medellin

20 de Marzo del año 2020

The North and South Terminals have grown and advanced along with the development of mobility in Medellín. As the city advanced, these land ports consolidated as reference points of connection and with the positioning without stopping the city and Antioquia as a tourist destination, these Terminals became the obligatory step of how much foreigner would like to know the traditional villages and the most remote And wonderful landscapes.

That is why, the administration of Terminales Medellín, started the road to tell a New Narrative of infrastructure and signage, which would allow to create an institutional line that will last in time, with the principles of quality, transparency and comfort, without losing the Warmth of these connection references. The project includes three components; Austerity, bilingualism and communication.

The first one consists of the design, renovation and installation of more than 130 large format pieces, which replaced the existing ones. In these, the location of elements that over time were lost and, therefore, forced to change, at an additional cost, was minimized. Likewise, the design is responsible with the environment, since materials that require little illumination and avoid the accumulation of residues are used.

The second, it aims at tourism, given that on average for both terminals 22 million people pass through the year, 4% are international visitors, so in partnership with the Mayor of Medellin and the Directorate of Bilingualism, In Spanish and English, as part of a great city strategy for advancing the use of a second language. According to Marta Ocampo, permanent user of this space: “is very nice, looks beautiful and looks more elegant and formal.”

The Communication, as a third element, aims at a better location of the passenger at the Terminals, to guarantee a place without visual and pleasant pollution, with the formalization of a space use manual. Also, it seeks to be inclusive, so that informational elements were developed for people with visual impairment and the floors were differentiated by corporate colors, to provide another element of location. Additional colorimetry was determined per level, as follows: floor one is yellow, two is orange, three is green and four is blue. The idea is that every person who enters or leaves the terminal enjoys a memorable experience.