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Our new web portal

05 de Febrero del año 2019

Terminales Medellin launches the new website!

After a year of research, study and design, Terminales Medellin renewed its corporate portal thinking of the more than 22 million passengers in the year that visit the Terminals North and South a year to travel to and from the capital of Antioquia. The premise is to be dynamic, visual, agile, bilingual and easily accessible.

Now it is a search engine for services of the transport companies and their services, of the destinations and routes to which they are arrived from the North and South Terminal.

It contains corporate information, government procurement and government policies online. Additionally, children will have their digital space where they can get to know Medellin and his mobility system with Armando Paseo, the institutional mascot.

Also, it will be a showcase of tourism since, in partnership with the Mayor’s Office of Medellin, Gobernación de Antioquia and IDEA, information will be updated on the tourist attractions of the department.

Among the allies are: Ministry of Mobility of Medellin, INVIAS, Climate 24/7, Tourist Information Points, National Police, Shopping Centers Terminal del Norte and Terminal del Sur, Superintendence of Ports and Transportation, Bureau, Colombia, efficient purchasing and Government in line.

In the news is that the portal is “responsive” it’s the appearance of the web pages is adapted to the device that is being used to visit them. It is also an inclusive portal, because for people with visual difficulties have the option to expand the size of the letter or listen to the video with the navigation prompts.

It will be a place of consultation for national and international tourists who visit Medellin.